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Union Street Partners LLC ‘s marketing plan features a proactive, strategic campaign targeted to present our exclusive listings to the most qualified buyers. We believe that our marketing plan should be approved by the seller. In fact, we require our sellers to sign off on our work product before it leaves our office.

How a property is presented to the marketplace is critical. Most brokers use a generic approach to marketing a property. Our approach is different. Once we determine the likeliest investors for a particular opportunity, we bring the deal to them. Our well-established relationships and select broker contacts ensure that we reach serious prospective buyers with our properties and offer them only those investments that meet their criteria.

Our approach benefits sellers because their properties are never shopped or overexposed; they are seen only by the right investors. Most brokers don’t utilize this proactive approach. The average broker takes a listing, makes the information available using an assembly line process hoping that someone, somewhere will see the deal and take it. This typical approach adds little if any value to a seller’s offer and can actually work against a seller’s best interests. Unless properties are presented effectively to the market, they generate no particular excitement among buyers, diminishing property values in their eyes and forcing sellers to lower their expectations.

Why list with us? Simple.

1. We have existing relationships with investors — the result of more than 10 years of successful closings with clients throughout the United States.

2. Our proprietary database — developed over a 10-year period — contains more than 5,000 contacts. In addition, we have a comprehensive buyer database of local, regional and national investors.

3. We offer accurate, reliable underwriting of transactions. This eliminates unwelcome surprises and helps keep deals intact. We monitor the capital markets daily and update our offerings each week to reflect current financing conditions. Based on interest rate movements, a single week can make a significant difference in the value of a property .

4. We know each physical asset as well as, if not better than, its owner. We are familiar with the various types of construction, HVAC systems, plumbing, wiring, roofing — all the systems and materials that go into the construction and maintenance of a building. We believe that this knowledge is critical to a broker’s ability to adequately represent what he or she is selling.

5.  We specialize solely in investment sales. This allows us to focus on and remain expert in our area of expertise -- representing sellers exclusively in the sale of investment real estate.

6.   We are directly accountable to our sellers. Your interests are paramount. They are never compromised by conventional, outmoded marketing practices, conflicts of interests or lack of attention. Your property receives the effort and attention to detail that will distinguish it from other properties and generate investor interest.

Union Street Partners is committed to creating value in the sale of investment real estate through the efforts of a dedicated firm that is in touch with and understand the current market, have immersed themselves in all the details of the assets they represent and can effectively convey that information to qualified buyers.


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